Saturday, June 12, 2021

Stitch away the Summer


Kitties are here! This new felt fat kitties sewing pattern has just landed in my etsy shop. Wouldn't you love to stitch a whole litter? Kittens are the cutest ever and so much fun, our cat had 3 babies a few weeks ago and we are enjoying them so much. I've been posting pics of them growing on Instagram and Flickr if you need a cute kitty fix. :)

Also new at little dear are these Sun Mandala and Hand embroidery samplers, and fun, felt weather patterns! All of these designs were previously released exclusively to my Patreon supporters, if you'd love to receive an all new felt sewing pattern, or embroidery sampler each month, come join us and choose a little dear craft club that's perfect for you!

Come find everything you need to keep your crafty heart and hands happy at

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