Thursday, February 24, 2022

March Patreon Preview!

Another woodland creatures fix is coming to Patreon subscribers in March! (you know I can' t go too long without one) Come visit to join and get these exclusive new designs to stitch and love.

I got this image in my head of a blue raccoon several weeks ago, and it wouldn't leave me alone. So these guys were born! It might be an odd choice, but I quite like them. :) My plan was also to use a very limited, monochromatic color palette for a change. This design will use only 3 floss colors. I think it will be fun to stitch! The sampler will be on the way to Stitch-a-Long subscribers early March.

All new woodland animal friends patterns are coming to Felt Friends subscribers, Skunk, Bear and Beaver. Aren't they sweet? 

I can't wait to share these new designs with you! Come join us at and stitch with us!

xo Aimee

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