Thursday, February 26, 2015

purple weaving

purple weaving

Another little weaving finished! I'm enjoying these a lot. Purples and blues came out of the yarn box for this one, along with natural twigs and wooden beads. I'm trying out some new techniques for each new weaving I do and learning a lot. 

purple weaving

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xo aimee

Monday, February 23, 2015

blue man group


New NOMs are in the shop today! They're sort of a blue man group.

Find them here:

xo aimee

Friday, February 20, 2015

a new little weaving

finished a new little weaving...

I finished a new little weaving, it's a long skinny one, measuring about 4 x 12 inches. I like it a lot, I hope it finds a happy new home! 

finished a new little weaving...

If this one's for you, check out my shop:

xo aimee

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bootcamp wall art

wooden wall art design

I've finished another art piece for Lilla Rogers Bootcamp! I had a lot of fun with this one, and what's funny is I switched gears completely in the middle of this assignment because I didn't like what I was doing at first. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut. 

folk art sketch

Here's the sketch it came from. Our first exercise was to draw scenes from vintage plates, and I found some Scandinavian style ones I really liked, so I created my own version. Then we were to create a piece of wall art on wood from the design we came up with. Although we were encouraged to paint directly on wood, I cheated a bit and put this together in Illustrator and Photoshop just because my time is limited these days, and I knew I wanted to use this art for other things in the future. I originally had the illustrations on a light background, the darker one kind of happened by mistake just playing around, and I ended up really liking how the colors all popped off of it, so here it is! Yay for happy accidents. 

I can't say enough about Lilla Rogers' MATS and Bootcamp classes, if you're an artist looking for new inspiration, check it out, you won't be sorry!

xo aimee

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hanging Heart Valentine

Hey guys! I've got a new tutorial for you today, and another free Valentine's Day pattern to stitch up!

This cute little hanging heart is easy to stitch by hand and makes a great Valentine's decoration or gift. The winged heart motif is from my book, Doodle Stitching Holiday Motifs. It's full of lots of embroidery patterns to stitch for every holiday year round!

Here's the free winged heart pattern and heart templates to make this little project:

First, transfer the embroidery pattern onto white fabric and stitch it up. Then trace the heart templates onto fabrics and cut them out with pinking shears.
 You'll need two of the largest heart. The embroidered motif will be on the smallest, white heart.

Pin the top three hearts together in layers and stitch around the edge of the white heart with the running stitch. Then pin the back piece to the front and stitch around the outside (red) heart. 

Before you close it up, stuff some stuffing inside and tuck the ends of a 6 inch piece of ribbon in under the middle heart. Now you can hang it, or give it to someone you love. You could also stuff it with sweet smelling lavender, or sew a little pocket on the back to tuck a love note inside. Hand made Valentines are the best! Your sweetheart will treasure something you took the time to sew yourself.

There are lots more Valentine's motifs in my book, be sure to check it out!
If you prefer a more traditional Valentine's card, try stitching any of them onto paper and make a unique embroidered card with my tutorial here.

xoxo aimee