Monday, July 16, 2018

The Easiest Way to Transfer Embroidery Patterns

I'm popping in today to give you a quick tutorial on this amazing stuff called Sulky Sticky Fabric-Solvy. If you love to embroider intricate designs but don't love tracing them onto fabric, this is what you need! You can print your pattern right onto a sheet of this adhesive stabilizer, stick it to your fabric and stitch away. When you're done it washes away in warm water.

I purchased a pack of Fabric-Solvy on Amazon, it comes in pre-cut sheets to run through your printer. Just print out your pattern in black ink (I'm using the newest PDF embroidery pattern available in my shop!)

The back peels off and you can stick it right to your fabric and reposition it easily if necessary. When you have it in place, just put it in a hoop and stitch the design through both stabilizer and fabric, following the printed pattern lines. I had no problem with my needle sticking in the adhesive, it doesn't hinder stitching at all.

All done stitching! Now carefully peel up the edges and cut away any large areas of stabilizer around the edge of your design. 

Rinse the fabric in warm water and the stabilizer melts away! It took less than a minute for mine to disappear. Rinse again in clean water, press it out in a towel and dry. 

All done! Fabric-Solvy made transferring this pattern so easy. Definitely give it a try! (I'd like to thank my friend Mollie of Wild Olive for tipping me off to this, it's a treasure and so is she!)

xo Aimee

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I love you to the moon

I love you to the moon and back

I've just listed a new embroidery pattern PDF for you at my Etsy shop! This one is so sweet, and a perfect addition to the other woodland nursery themed mandala designs I've created so far.

I love you to the moon and back

Bunnies and Moons are two of my favorite things to draw and stitch. The colors in this one are also some of my favorites! This PDF pattern includes files with beginner's instructions, stitch diagrams, DMC color palette, transfer techniques and close up photos so you can create your own lovely piece of embroidery artwork.

I love you to the moon and back

This design fits nicely into a 6 inch embroidery hoop, perfect for creating your own embroidered dream catcher! It's fun and easy with this tutorial I've created for you.

The PDF pattern is now available for instant download immediately after purchase. You can find it along with all of my other embroidery patterns at my Etsy shop: right here.

I hope you'll enjoy it! 
xo Aimee

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sweet and Simple Woodland Baby Mobile

Today I'm going to share with you a simple tutorial for making this super cute and easy woodland baby mobile using some of the little felt animals you can make with my PDF sewing patterns from! This project comes together really quickly and makes such a perfect baby gift or shower decoration.

To make this mobile, you'll need the following:

a set of at least 5 finished felt creatures
2-3 thin, bendable branches around 12 inches long
3-4 twist ties
thread or floss matching the branch color
ribbon or trim for hanging

You can find 4 different sets of woodland creature sewing patterns at my Etsy shop, just choose your favorite! I'm making a fairly small mobile but you can easily make a larger one with more animals. 
Bend one of the branches into a circle about 8 inches across, overlapping the ends, and twist tie them together. Then twist another branch (try one a bit thinner than the first) over and under the first one. I liked the look of just two layers but you can play with your hoop until you are satisfied with it.

Next, grab some thread or floss the same color as your branches. Wrap and tie the branches securely together at 4 places around the circle (or as needed), then remove the twist ties.

Now cut a piece of ribbon or trim about 18 inches long. (I found this perfect leaf trim at Hobby Lobby.) Tie one end onto the branch hoop. At a third of the way around the circle, tie the other end. Cut another 18 inch length and tie it an equal distance from the other two. Stretch the middle of the second piece and the middle of the first piece up to meet at about 7 inches above the center of the hoop and tie them together. You'll have another 9 or 10 inches of trim left above the knot to make a loop for hanging.

Now you can stitch a bit of thin ribbon or floss onto the top of each animal and tie it onto the hoop to complete your mobile. 

I love how this project turned out and I hope you'll give it a try! Of course, hand made gifts are always extra special and will make that new mama (and baby!) feel so loved.

Any of my felt animal patterns will work great with this tutorial! If you're not looking for woodland creatures, look for my Mythical Creatures, Sea Creatures or Farm Animals patterns at
and let me know how you would customize this project! I always love seeing and hearing about your creative ideas.
xoxo Aimee

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stitchable tiny succulents

I've just added a new embroidery PDF download pattern to my Etsy shop and it's a new favorite of mine! These sweet, tiny succulents are so much fun to stitch up and will make the perfect artwork for your plant corner or cactus/desert decor.

Each measuring less than an inch across, these miniature cacti all together fill a 6 inch hoop nicely. I love how all the different shades of green work together so well, complimented with pinks and a bit of purple. If you have a big scrap floss pile anything like mine, you'll have no problem grabbing enough random colors to complete this!

While you'll spot Satin Stitches, French Knots and Scallop Stitches (on the right side, the dark green flowery one up there,) most of this pattern is stitched using ordinary Straight and Back Stitches. I varied the number of threads quite a bit to achieve the different widths of line work, the thickest using all 6 threads and some of the tiny cactus spines using just one!

I really love this design and I hope you'll give it a try. You can get the pattern instantly upon purchase at

xo aimee

Sunday, May 20, 2018

new stitchable friends!

embroidered animal doll kits

I'm so excited to introduce you to the two newest members of my little stitchable animal family! 
Little Deer and Little Owl are now available in my etsy shop (along with Fox and Bunny!)

embroidered animal doll kits

Someone you know needs a sweet, pocket sized, woodland friend. They are so much fun to stitch, you may just get attached and keep one for yourself! (that's totally fine, you deserve it! xo)

embroidered animal doll kits

All of my Embroidered Doll Kits are available at
Pick your favorite today!
xo aimee

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Life Mandala

Happy Beltane, or May Day! Today is a traditional celebration of life, love, growth and the sun. And I have a free embroidery pattern for you! I hope you'll enjoy stitching up this lovely life mandala.

This is a fun pattern to embroider in your favorite colors, or just one color! I used navy blue, in back stitch, split stitch, satin stitch and french knots, on lavender fabric. Then, I decided it needed a little extra color so I added some magenta and blue washes right onto the fabric with watercolor! I really like the effect. I didn't really have a plan, I just painted on color here and there until I liked how it looked. Definitely try out watercolor washes with your embroidery sometime! It's always fun to experiment with new techniques and see what you get.

Here is the free pattern
(click to enlarge)

I would love to see this stitched up in different colors so don't forget to tag or message me if you post your photos! I'm @aimee_littledear on Instagram. :) Have fun and enjoy the coming life filled summer!
xo aimee

Saturday, April 21, 2018

new luna fey


Some new Luna Fey girls are waiting at little dear for their forever homes! I love stitching these lovelies. Each one is unique and they have a special secret, they are embellished with glow in the dark thread!


Luna Fey each come with a crocheted kitty hood, star baby pillow and shimmery sleeping bag. They will truly bring you sweet dreams and keep you company all night long.