Saturday, March 6, 2021

Wolf and Roses embroidery


A new embroidery sampler is in my etsy shop! I've really enjoyed stitching up this design and today I'm going to share four different ways to stitch roses! We'll look at some tips and techniques for the wolf's face as well.

 Using a variety of different stitches brings lots of interest to your embroidery art, and these stitches also have a lot of dimension. Definitely try a couple of them out (if not all) I think you'll love them!

Here are the colors I'm using: DMC 351, 352, 353, 844, 645, 647, 3072, 435, 801

Before we get to the roses, I'll also mention that I used the Stem Stitch for the vines, Lazy Daisies for the vine leaves, Satin Stitch for the lighter leaves, paw prints and rose buds, and French Knots for the dots. Use 2 threads for Stem and Lazy Daisies, and 3 threads for Satin and French Knots.

If you ever need a little brush up on basic stitches, come visit my website at for lots of stitch tutorials!

The first rose I'm going to show you is the Woven Wheel, or Woven Spider's Wheel. This makes an impressive looking flower, and it's actually really easy to do. Use all 6 threads of floss for this stitch.

1. Start by making an odd number of Straight Stitches, creating a star shape out from a center point.

2. Bring your needle and floss up at the center between two spokes and slide them over one stitch and under the next on the surface of the fabric, not through it.

3. Weave the floss around and around the circle until you reach the outer ends of the spokes. You can use fewer rounds for a flatter circle, or pack in many rounds for a puffy flower. 

Finish off your Woven Rose with some big French Knot in the center. 

Next up, Bullion Knot Roses! Use all 6 threads for this stitch.

1. Bring the needle and floss out of the fabric, then make a stitch back to the floss about 1/4 inch wide. Don't pull your needle all the way through, keep the tip sticking out of the fabric.

2. Wrap floss around the tip of the needle 5-7 times.

3. Hold the wraps loosely between your thumb and forefinger. 

4. Slowly pull the needle and floss through the wraps as you hold onto them.

5. Reinsert the needle at the end of the row, pulling the coil of wraps flat to the fabric. 

6. Continue making Bullion knots in a circular shape. It's fine if they overlap each other, pack in as many as you like for a big, fat rose.

Finish your rose with a French Knot in the center.

I call this one the Criss Cross Rose, and I just made it up. :) Actually I can't say for sure that no one else has done this, but I've never seen it before, so who knows? This rose has a similar finished look to the Woven Wheel, but it is stitched through the fabric. 

Use all 6 threads of floss for this rose.

1. Start with 2 short Straight Stitches side by side.

2. Cross them over at the top and bottom with 2 more.

3-4. Now cross the corners of your little square diagonally.

5-6. Keep Criss-Crossing around the circle until your rose is the size you want it to be.

For our last rose, here is a sweet little Satin Stitched one. Use 3 threads of floss for this rose.

1. Start making stitches from the outer edge of the circle to the center point.

2. Your stitches will be a little farther apart at the outside edge than they are at the center. As you go around the circle, your stitches will start to overlap each other at the middle, forming a raised sort of swirl. 

3. This stitch works great for tiny circular flowers, I think it looks like they are getting ready to bloom! You could try it for larger ones, use more threads of floss for larger flowers to get the same effect.

Our wolf is all that's left! You can create a lovely "thread painted" look by using the Long and Short Stitch and angling your stitches in the direction of fur growing. Use 2 threads of floss for the wolf.

1. Use the lightest grey to stitch the inner ear shapes with the Satin Stitch, starting at the long bottom edge and ending them all at the upper point. 

Stitch the cheek sections with Long and Short Stitches. These do not have to be super straight or uniform! Overlap them as they change angles and add extra stitches here and there as needed.

2. Use the medium grey to fill in the main face area. 

3. Angle the stitches outward on either side of the nose. You can alternate longer stitches overlapping at the edge of the light and dark areas to simulate fur.

Last, stitch the nose and eyes in the darkest grey. Add a little light stitch for each eye shine. I also used 1 thread of dark grey floss to outline the inner ears and the cheek areas, to separate them a little more.

I hope you'll try out this sampler (you can find it here: and that these tutorials help you out as you stitch this design, and for any other embroidery projects you want to try them on! Let me know if you have any questions below and have fun stitching. 

xo aimee

Saturday, January 23, 2021

An Interview

I recently did a fun interview for Create Whimsy, and they pulled out this quote. I truly believe this and I hope you are gifting yourself some creative time every day! Come read more about me and lots of things I love right here.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

January Patreon designs!

 Hello friends! I am out of words to describe 2020, and it's not even over yet. Are you as ready for 2021 as I am? I officially predict next year will be full of beautiful, new beginnings and bright, green growth. (who's with me??) 

New little dear Patreon craft club designs for January are ready and waiting to lift your spirits! Stitch-a-Long subscribers will receive this pretty little terrarium embroidery sampler and Felt Friends will get this lush succulents felt pattern download. January is when I always crave green amongst all of the dead brown nature and I think these will be exactly what we need!  

If you'd love to get an exclusive felt sewing pattern PDF download, or a beautiful printed fabric embroidery sampler in your mailbox each month, come subscribe before January 1 at and join us! I can't wait to have you as a stitching partner in the new year. Let's make it awesome together.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gingerbread fun


How's your Holiday season going so far? Hopefully it's not too crazy and you're finding some cozy crafting time. This is an easy and fun little project that's great for (almost) all ages. Aren't they cute? Just grab a box (aren't there an abundance of those around lately?) and a white Posca paint marker and go to town drawing cute Gingerbread houses, people and pets!

This was my first experience with Posca pens and I have to say they are really fun to draw with. You do have to let them dry for a minute or the lines will smear, but overall they're not messy and very user friendly. We drew our pics on the cardboard first, then cut them out leaving an edge around the drawing so they look just like decorated cookies! I grabbed only a white one and I love the simple look of these, but they come in all colors so you could make lots of frosting colors if you choose.
My kids (age 5 and 8) really enjoyed this. They drew the cutest ones! 

My son made a Ninjabread man, a Monkeybread man and a house with a Satellite dish. ;)
We wrote greetings on the back and sent some to our families as cards, but you could also add a string on top and make really cute ornaments, or cut a little cross piece for the bottom so they can stand up. 

If you're looking for a simple, easy and fun holiday project, try this one out, I think you'll love it.
xo aimee

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

25% off all downloads!

So 2020 has definitely not been the best year for anyone, but now more than ever is a great time to stop and think about exactly what we ARE thankful for! I am so, SO thankful for each of you for supporting my little business (and my family!) during this tumultuous year. 

It's looking like a long and isolated winter ahead, so now is also the perfect time to stock up on craft projects to keep your mind and your hands busy and happy! All digital downloads are 25% off at and!

All felt sewing patterns and embroidery pattern PDFs are on sale at, and at you'll find all kinds of digital printable paper crafts for decorating and fun! Create lots of cute Holiday garlands, table top or mantle displays, ornaments, finger puppets, gift tags, cards, and more with these fun and easy downloads. SVG files are also included so you can use your Cricut or Silhouette machine for endless crafting possibilities.

I'm also adding new printable artwork regularly so if your walls need an update, come shopping! Treat yourself to something fun, you definitely deserve it. <3

Friday, November 20, 2020

Cozy Winter Felt Friends


I've been working on some new Winter Holiday patterns and I know you'll love making them too!
This woodland animal pattern set is inspired by the Ukranian folk tale "The Mitten" (most famously retold and illustrated by Jan Brett.) If this story isn't part of your Holiday traditions, give it a read, you'll love it! This special release set includes some of my previous animal patterns, and a few all new ones. Plus a cozy mitten for them all to hide in!

I get lots of requests for Christmas patterns. Since I already have a large menagerie of felt animal patterns to choose from (more than 100!) I decided to make an accessory pack so that any of them can be Christmas-y! This Cozy Clothes set includes patterns for a hat and scarf, mitten and stocking, and they'll fit almost any of my animals. Or, use them alone as super cute ornaments! Stitch a ribbon on the mitten or stocking to hang them, then hide a sweet treat inside.
Come visit for these sweet accessories, as well as all of my coordinating felt animal sewing patterns and pick favorites for everyone on your Christmas list.

This lovely wintery trio was one of my favorite Patreon Felt Friends releases last year, and now they're in my Etsy shop for everyone to enjoy. (By the way, if you'd love to get an all new, exclusive felt pattern, or a printed hand embroidery sampler each month, come check out my little dear craft club subscriptions at!)

I hope you'll love stitching these sweet, winter friends and have a cozy and peaceful holiday season!!
xo aimee

Friday, October 23, 2020

November Patreon Preview!


Hello friends! November is almost here and I'm all ready to send out goodie packages to my Patreon craft club subscribers!  I'm loving these projects and I know you will too.

Felt Friends subscribers are getting the pattern for this sweet trio, Raccoon, Fox and Chipmunk! Although these are new pattern designs, I have done a simpler felt fox and raccoon before (you can see those in my Etsy shop) But they are some of my all time favorite animals and I wanted to do up some new, fancier versions. The Chipmunk is an all new animal in my menagerie, and also a big fave of mine! They are so much fun to watch. All three of these cuties appear in my real life neighborhood regularly, and I feel so lucky to have such magical nature around me.

Stitch-a-Long subscribers will receive this Autumn Wreath sampler to embroider. This design will be unique because I'm going to stitch in all in just ONE stitch, can you guess which one? It's my favorite. ;)

I can't wait to show you how it turns out. 

If you'd love to get an exclusive felt sewing pattern PDF, or a beautiful printed fabric embroidery sampler in your mailbox each month, come subscribe before November 1 at and join us!

xo aimee