Monday, October 5, 2015

new guys!


It's autumn and acorn hat NŌMs are back! Check out these fun fall flavored guys at

xo aimee

Sunday, October 4, 2015

heART journal and rainbow warrior

3 versions

Here's another of my embroidery PDF patterns that makes a great coloring page! This is Rainbow Warrior in three versions: painted: line art: embroidered.
This one would be so pretty colored in colored pencil, make up your own color palette! You might also be interested in the crayon color tinting method I used for the embroidery, you can read about that here.

This page is featured in the latest heART journal magazine that's a colorbook issue! It's full of all kinds of pretty pictures for you to color. If you're not familiar with heART magazine, check it out here: and get the newest issue!

heART journal

Also, I'm extending the sale code for coloring pages/embroidery patterns in my etsy shop one more week!! Use COLORTHIS to get $2 (50%) off!

xo aimee

Friday, October 2, 2015

gypsy wagon

Gypsy wagon coloring page

Here's another embroidery pattern turned coloring page I just finished! I love this gypsy wagon, I'd really love to have a real one. It's fun to color too. I have a bag full of Prismacolor and Crayola colored pencils I've had since college. (Is it wrong to say I kinda prefer the  cheap Crayola ones? ;P) 

Gypsy wagon coloring page

I haven't used them in years and I'm really enjoying it. I like how you can mix different colors together almost like paint. Here's a little tip: navy blue or purples make great shadow shading colors!

gypsy wagon

By the way, here's the original embroidered pattern I did, in completely different colors! That's one of the things I love seeing, when people make up their own color palettes for my patterns!

Don't forget, you can use the code: COLORTHIS at my etsy shop this week to save $2 (50%) off any embroidery pattern/coloring page PDF! Send me your colored pictures!

xo aimee

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sew Sweet

sew sweet cover

Look at this adorable new book that's just coming out! Sew Sweet Creatures is a book of cute animals and their equally cute accessories for you to sew and enjoy.

sew sweet owl and pussycat

Here is my project! Sweet little pussycat is ready for bed, stitch him up along with his mattress, blanket, cloud pillow, nightshirt, owl friend and bedtime story book.

Many of the other projects were designed by my talented friends, Mollie Johanson and Laura Howard, if you don't follow them also, you need to! And be sure to pick up the book and have a look.

xo aimee

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

alice color

I got out my colored pencils for the first time in years, did you know that my PDF embroidery patterns on etsy make great coloring pages?? This one was so much fun to color! 

Try it out: Use the coupon code COLORTHIS to get $2 (50%) off any embroidery pattern this week! (Even if you want to embroider them, but I really want to see them colored now! ;) 

alice color

You can use the code as many times as you like. Try them all! Send me pictures!


Here's the embroidery and colored page side by side. Fun both ways!

Find my whole collection of embroidery pattern/coloring page PDFs at

xo aimee

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

new guys again!


Another new batch of NŌMs are in the shop today! I love the colors on this set. You may have noticed I always stick with a certain color palette with each NŌM batch, it's one of my favorite things about painting them. I love seeing fan photos of rainbow colored collections though! 

For a limited time, you will receive a PDF version of the Book of NŌM by email with each NŌM or woodland animal friend purchase! Don't miss out, it's a favorite among NŌM collectors.

xo aimee