Monday, January 20, 2020

learn hand embroidery

It's so easy to learn hand embroidery, and even easier with these unique and colorful stitch samplers from little dear! These are some of my favorite designs to stitch. They are a fun way to learn or practice stitches, and they make a great reference guide when you're done!


My original sampler is great for beginners, it will teach you 14 basic embroidery stitches which you can use for all kinds of patterns and projects. 


It is designed to stitch with any rainbow of floss colors you might have, but here are some color palette suggestions if you need a place to start:
On the left is a more muted palette (and the one I used) DMC 3726, 3727, 794, 3813, 470, 3348, 834, 977, 352. 
The brighter palette on the right is DMC 327, 209, 340, 598, 907, 3819, 744, 741, 961.

If you've never embroidered before, I suggest starting here! You'll love working through the labeled stitches and then using your favorites to complete the flowers in the center.

hand embroidery samplers

My new Bouquet Sampler is a little more advanced, including a few stitches from the original sampler used in new ways, plus a bunch of fancy, super pretty and perhaps just a little bit trickier stitches to learn when you're ready to move ahead!

You can also use any colors you like for this one, match the printed colors or make up your own. I've used DMC 501, 503, 504, 352, 351, 316, 3727, 3855, 3825

If you need a little extra guidance, I've got lots of embroidery stitch tutorials at my website:

You can find both stitch samplers (and lots more patterns, samplers and kits) at my etsy shop:

Friday, December 6, 2019

Winter Holiday Projects

Happy December! Have you done any holiday crafting yet? 
If you're looking for some  inspiration, why not try out one of the many 
FREE fun projects waiting here for you from little dear!
Pick out a fave, download the files and enjoy. 


Piles of Presents





Happy Holidays and Have fun!!
xo aimee


Thursday, November 28, 2019

December Patreon Preview

I’m so excited about the exclusive Felt Friends pattern and Stitch-a-Long embroidery sampler that will be going out to my Patreon subscribers in December!! 
You still have time to get one (or both) of these extra special designs, come and subscribe at 
There’s a little dear monthly craft club that’s perfect for you! 

xo Aimee

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I'm so thankful to have you around. If you find a few stitching minutes today between the feast and football, try making this cute felt pumpkin pie I designed! You can get the PDF pattern FREE right here.
xo aimee

Sunday, November 10, 2019

cut and sew dolly friends

Two new cut and sew fabric doll panels have arrived at little dear!
Meet Merwing and Blue Eyed Jack, they are ready for adventure. 

These dolls are so much fun to tattoo with embroidery and sew into a sweet new friend. Fabric panels are printed with all sewing pieces and instructions. Also included is a special web link with lots of extra tips and accessory patterns. Such a fun project! Check out the whole gang of cut and sew dolls at little dear.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Autumn Leaves paper crafting


Happy Fall! I love decorating for Autumn and I've been having lots of fun with the Autumn Leaves printable paper craft! There are so many fun things you can make with it. 
When you subscribe to my newsletter, you can download the PDF version FREE from the Free Downloads Vault through November! Or you can purchase the full version at little dear prints, which includes PNG files and SVG files for cricut and silhouette machines.
The PDF includes leaves in three different sizes, so you can create all sorts of fun fall crafts.


 I LOVE making mandalas out of leaves and other nature treasures. Creating one with these paper leaves is just as fun and relaxing! After cutting, I folded the leaves in half a bit so they'd be a little more three dimensional, then arranged them in a pretty, repeating design. You can use poster tack to make one on the wall, or glue them onto a board or canvas.
You can see the huge mandala I made with real leaves last year, right here.


Wreaths are perfect decor for any season. To make this one, cut a circle from stiff paper, with another circle out of the center. I'm using 2 printouts of the smallest leaf size (the first page) and an 8 inch circle with a 4 inch hole. (I used embroidery hoops to trace the circles, because I kind of have a lot of those around. ;)
Start with the largest leaves, spacing and gluing them evenly around the circle. Angle and point them all in the same direction. Fill in the spaces with smaller ones until you've covered the white circle. 


You can also string leaves onto yarn or embroidery floss for a fun garland. Have I mentioned lately how much I love garlands of all kinds? They're one of my favorite things to decorate with.


Or make Leaf Fairies! My son and I have invented stories about the Leaf Fairies, who change the leaf colors in the fall, hibernate all winter, then make new leaves and flowers to grow again in the Spring, with their factories inside of trees! We often pick up pretty leaves and flowers outside, make little bouquets, and leave them in trees for the Leaf Fairies to find. :) I went to his class fall party last week and we made Leaf Fairies (and animals and monsters) from real leaves with his class. It was lots of fun! You can use this PDF to create your own Leaf creatures, and they'll last all year (unlike real leaves. :)

I hope you enjoy this Autumn Leaves printable and you Autumn season as well!
xo aimee

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

All New at little dear

So many fun, new projects have arrived at little dear shops!! I'm so excited to share them with you.

 I've just finished a Woodland Numbers art print to coordinate with my Woodland ABC print that's been one of my best sellers. Don't they make a perfect pair? It's the perfect artwork for your forest themed kid's room or nursery. Sweet details are calming to look at and will foster a love of nature in you and your little ones. Plus they're educational as well! Choose mailed art prints, or DIY printable files from 

Autumn is my favorite time of year and it's inspired so many of my designs, including this leaf mandala embroidery sampler! This one is unique because there are two different options for stitching it in the instructions: linework or solid shape versions. (or combine the two like I did!)
Printed fabric samplers are waiting for you to stitch at

Dinos are here!! I've had so many requests for a felt dinosaur pattern and it's now available at
These little guys are so much fun to make, who wouldn't love a tiny dino tree ornament this year?

Have fun!
xo Aimee