Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mini Rose Charms

mini rose charms

Here is a fun and quick little project you can make using mini hoop charms and one of my favorite stitches, the Woven Spider's Wheel. Spider's Wheel roses are a beautiful and striking addition to your embroidery, and they're not nearly as difficult as they look! You can stitch one up in just a few minutes with this easy lesson.

I got my mini hoops at Hobby Lobbythey have an outer hoop and an inner disk that fits into it. You'll wrap your stitched fabric over the disk and then fit it into the outer hoop. Start by tracing the inner disk onto fabric. 


Start your Spider's Wheel by making an odd number of Straight Stitches (usually five or seven) in a star shape out from a center point. Make the spokes each about 1/4 inch long, or half as wide as you want your Wheel to be. 
Bring your needle and floss up at the center between two spokes and slide them over one stitch and under the next, round and round the circle until you reach the outer ends of the spokes. 
You're not going through the fabric, just weaving over and under your first stitches on the fabric's surface. 
You can use fewer rounds for a flatter circle, or pack in many rounds for a puffy flower.

mini rose charms

When your rose is done, accent it with a large French Knot in the center and a few leaves with the Satin Stitch or Lazy Daisy. Fit the flower into the center of your mini hoop, trim the fabric around the edge to about 1/4 inch and then fold and glue it to the back of the hoop. 

You can use your mini hoop charm as a necklace, needle minder, magnet, or add a pin to the back to wear it. They are so much fun to make! Enjoy.

xo Aimee

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