Thursday, March 26, 2020

April Patreon designs

April Patreon designs

Are you ready for Spring? Even if you're trapped at home, I hope you're able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air a bit. All the Flower Power is going out to little dear Patreon subscribers in April! You won't want to miss out on these exclusive, colorful designs. 

Things are crazy out there right now and I don't know of a better way to calm and ground your anxious mind than to make something with your hands. It's so calming and meditative to slow down and complete a beautiful embroidery or sewing project stitch by stitch. I know you will love working on these! We all need a little more color and creativity in our lives right now and these designs are the perfect solution. 

April Patreon designs

Felt flowers are so much fun to make, the perfect Spring decor for your home or yourself! Make a garland for your mantle, or a crown for your head, you deserve it! I promise it will make you feel joyful, super special and beautiful to wear it, even if it's just around the house. 

If you'd love to receive an all new color fabric embroidery sampler in the mail each month, or an exclusive felt sewing pattern PDF in your email (or both!) come join us at! There's a little dear craft club that's perfect for you.

xo Aimee

Monday, March 23, 2020

Frida embroidery sampler


How are you all doing this week? Things are crazy out there, perhaps you're looking for a new project to calm your nerves? I can't think of anything more grounding than working with your hands. It always makes me feel so much better to take time out and do something fun and crafty. 
I find hand embroidery especially to be so meditative and peaceful! I've just listed this new sampler, a portrait of Frida Kahlo. She was such a fascinating person, and if anyone is an inspiration through difficult times, it is her. If you'd like to embroider this iconic artist, visit to pick up a sampler.
Stay safe and healthy!
xoxo aimee

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Winter Woodland embroidery sampler

Winter embroidery sampler

It's definitely still winter here but that's a great excuse to cozy up inside for some extra stitching time!  Put on your favorite record or Netflix show, make some tea and settle in, here's the perfect embroidery project for you.

This Winter Woodland color printed sampler is available at and is one of my favorites. I'm going to give you a few details and pointers on how I stitched mine, I hope it will help you out and get you excited to work on your own!

Winter embroidery sampler

This is a versatile design that you can stitch in different ways, either outline the shapes, or fill them in solidly. I'm using DMC 3781, 434, 437, 504, 502, white and ecru with 2 threads of floss throughout. For the animals, start by outlining them in a color darker than the interior,  I'm using the Back Stitch. 
Winter embroidery sampler
Winter embroidery sampler
Now fill in the outlines with a lighter color using Satin or Long and Short Stitches. I find Long and Short Stitches to be pretty intuitive, you can vary the angle and length quite a bit depending on the shapes you're stitching, or go back and fill in a few extra stitches here and there as needed,  it's all good. 
Last, add the tiniest face details in the darkest color over top. I've used Satin Stitches for the pine cones, with darker Straight Stitches on top. The branch is Stem Stitch and the pine needles are Back Stitched. I've used a combination of Satin Stitches and French Knots on the snowflake dots, and Satin Stitches on the leaves and tree berries. You can see in the first photo that you could alternately use Lazy Daisies for cute leaves as well!
I hope this gives you some ideas to use for your sampler! If you need a little extra stitch help, I've got lots of embroidery tutorials at my website, be sure to check them out, and also join my mailing list download some free patterns!
Have fun! xo

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Harvest fox thread painting

I just listed a new embroidery sampler at little dear!
I really love this design, it is lots of fun to stitch and has all kinds of great texture. 
(If you follow or support me on Patreon, you might remember this as our Stitch-a-Long sampler from November! If you'd love to get an all new sampler in the mail each month, come visit me at
I'm going to give you some step by step details on how I stitched the cat (fox? either one. :) Here are the colors I used for this sampler:
DMC 834 yellow, 831 gold, 830 dark gold, ecru, 927 aqua, 822 pale grey, 3023 light grey, 3022 grey, 645 dark grey
I've used back stitch, lazy daisy, satin stitch and French knots on the foliage, and Long and Short stitch on the catfox, I worked with 2 of the 6 threads of floss for most stitches except the satin stitching, using 3 threads, and also on the wheat I used all 6.
If you're new to embroidery or need a little brush up on stitches, visit where you'll find lots of embroidery stitch descriptions and diagrams!
"Thread painting" with long and short stitch can seem daunting, but it really isn't difficult with a few tips and techniques in mind! I know you can do it too.

First, with grey 3022, start filling in the mid color sections of the catfox. Here is a diagram of the long and short stitch. 
Start the first row by making a stitch from A to B. Next, make another stitch right next to the first one from C to D, only half as long. Make another long stitch, then a short one, and continue alternating between the two stitches to form the first row.
Only the first row has both Long and Short Stitches; the rest of the stitches will all be roughly the same length. For the second row, make stitches just below the first row of stitches, filling in any spaces. Unless you’re stitching a perfect square of Long and Short Stitches, they probably won’t all be perfectly uniform, and that is just fine. Add a stitch here and there to fill in any gaps as you go along. Just keep all your stitches going in the same direction, and you’ll have an evenly filled area when you’re finished.
You can see in the photo how I have curved and angled my stitches to follow the shapes in the body and tail. This will keep your texture looking more natural, like real fur grows.

Now I've gone in with dark grey 645 and filled in the darker areas in the same way. 

And here is light grey 3023 filling in the lightest grey areas. At the right edge of the tail, I did an angled stem stitch to make the fur look a little shaggy.

Now I have filled in the lightest areas with ecru, and then added a little bit of shadow at the bottom of the tail and under the chin with pale grey 822. 

And lastly, I used one thread of dark grey to outline and define the back, hip and head lines, and also filled in the eyes and nose.
All done! I love "painting" with thread, there is so much you can do with blended colors and texture. I hope you'll play around with this technique and maybe invent some of your own! 
You can pick up this sampler (and lots more designs as well) at
Let me know below if you have any questions or comments and have fun!
xo Aimee

Monday, January 20, 2020

learn hand embroidery

It's so easy to learn hand embroidery, and even easier with these unique and colorful stitch samplers from little dear! These are some of my favorite designs to stitch. They are a fun way to learn or practice stitches, and they make a great reference guide when you're done!


My original sampler is great for beginners, it will teach you 14 basic embroidery stitches which you can use for all kinds of patterns and projects. 


It is designed to stitch with any rainbow of floss colors you might have, but here are some color palette suggestions if you need a place to start:
On the left is a more muted palette (and the one I used) DMC 3726, 3727, 794, 3813, 470, 3348, 834, 977, 352. 
The brighter palette on the right is DMC 327, 209, 340, 598, 907, 3819, 744, 741, 961.

If you've never embroidered before, I suggest starting here! You'll love working through the labeled stitches and then using your favorites to complete the flowers in the center.

hand embroidery samplers

My new Bouquet Sampler is a little more advanced, including a few stitches from the original sampler used in new ways, plus a bunch of fancy, super pretty and perhaps just a little bit trickier stitches to learn when you're ready to move ahead!

You can also use any colors you like for this one, match the printed colors or make up your own. I've used DMC 501, 503, 504, 352, 351, 316, 3727, 3855, 3825

If you need a little extra guidance, I've got lots of embroidery stitch tutorials at my website:

You can find both stitch samplers (and lots more patterns, samplers and kits) at my etsy shop:

Friday, December 6, 2019

Winter Holiday Projects

Happy December! Have you done any holiday crafting yet? 
If you're looking for some  inspiration, why not try out one of the many 
FREE fun projects waiting here for you from little dear!
Pick out a fave, download the files and enjoy. 


Piles of Presents





Happy Holidays and Have fun!!
xo aimee


Thursday, November 28, 2019

December Patreon Preview

I’m so excited about the exclusive Felt Friends pattern and Stitch-a-Long embroidery sampler that will be going out to my Patreon subscribers in December!! 
You still have time to get one (or both) of these extra special designs, come and subscribe at 
There’s a little dear monthly craft club that’s perfect for you! 

xo Aimee