Monday, February 7, 2022

Stick and Stitch patterns!


Hey guys, I've got something super fun and new for you from little dear! Have you ever used Stick and Stitch embroidery patterns before? They are a really easy way to embellish clothing, linens or any other fabric craft project you're working on. 

I've just added 3 new Stick and Stitch packs to my shop, choose Woodland, Floral or Celestial themed designs to embroider and love!

These little one-use stickers are so easy, just peel the back and adhere to your fabric, stitch through sticker and fabric together, then rinse away the sticker with warm water. Be creative, use whatever colors and stitches you like!

I hope you'll try these out, I know you'll love them!
Find all three sets at

xo Aimee

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