Saturday, March 21, 2009

NŌMs on Art Fire

NOMs on Art Fire
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Here is a freshly grown batch of mushroom topped NŌMs, and I've listed them exclusively at my new Art Fire shop:
If you've not heard of Art Fire, go check it out. I think they'll soon be giving etsy a run for their money. :) they could use a little healthy
competition! I've opened a little dear sister shop there and I'm excited to see it grow. If you're a seller yourself, definitely look into it. Having your own Art Fire shop is cheap, or even FREE! Instead of fees for every listing on etsy, which can add up to a lot every month, you can get an Art Fire shop for $7 a month intro fee. OR, you can list up to 10 items for free! As of now, there are about 350 $7 subscriptions left, so if you're interested, go grab one now: Tell them I sent you. ;)
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Art Fire is new but growing fast, and I think they have a lot in store for the crafty community.


  1. Really need to sort my eyesight out cos I read that as Noms on Fire at first...I thought that's a bit mean x;0)

    Immensely cute stuff madam...will certainly be checking out link

    how's my frock coming along ?!x;0)

  2. thanks so much! as of yet, no NOMs have caught fire. ;)
    as for the frock, at this point you'll have to shrink yourself to 1/6 scale. :D that could be fun!

  3. I used to dream of shrinking like that...Enid Blyton did a good line of shrinky kid stories that I loved!

    (Should've got Mr. Bun's autograph when I had the chance...don't let it go to his head cos he'll be expecting top notch kibble and his carrots grated!)

  4. ;D I've seen him giving uppity looks to the other artworks on the wall.


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