Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flower Garden

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Thanks so much for all the comments on the book giveaway so far!! If you haven't entered yet, the drawing will be Friday. Just leave a comment on my LAST POST. :)

I've loved reading what you are all growing, I wish I could see all of your lovely gardens! Here's what I've got so far this year, a shot of perennials in my front flower bed: columbine and irises, I also had some daffodils but they are gone now. I'm not doing a huge garden this year but I've planted basil, cilantro, dill, tomatoes and lots of greens. (Have I mentioned we eat LOTS of greens at our house? :)
Also, I've got lots of new flower seeds and some strawberries that I moved to the other side of the house where I'm hoping they'll actually produce some fruit this year.


  1. Im trying my luck with the strawberries this year too!! Last year they grew one berry so Im crossing my fingers and hoping this year they will produce more!

  2. hi
    what's cilantro?????



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