Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventures in needle felting

I need a new craft project like I need a hole in my head, but I've wanted to try needle felting for a long time now so when I saw this cute Japanese kit on a recent visit to Purl Soho in NYC, I had to pick it up. (If you ever have the chance to visit Purl Soho, I HIGHLY recommend it, I could have spent many more hours-and dollars there.) After looking up instructions online (sadly, I don't read Japanese) and playing around a bit, I produced this cute, tiny, felted mushroom! It was really quite easy and fun.

So after being more than pleased with my first attempt, I got ambitious and decided to try making something more complicated. After stabbing myself in the thumb (ouch) I then proceeded to break all of my needles (not on purpose.) Those things are very delicate. So, until I can get some more felting needles, I'm stuck with that oddly shaped thing there to the right, which one day will hopefully become a little fox.

Anyway, here's my cute, tiny mushroom in his new spot on the shelf. I do like needle felting so far despite frustrations, and intend to add to his family sometime soon. :)


  1. oh wow!! I have lots of unspun felt in a bag upstairs and i have no idea what to do with it or where to start with this!! I might go do some investigating! I love the toadstool :)

  2. Your wee mushroom looks fantastic! Especially with your larger mushroom. What a fantastic tree! Those needles can be rather bitey, can't they? Hopefully you will be able to replace your needle soon and continue with your felting creations. Cheers!

  3. They are a bit of a trial, eh? But up and down is the trick, straight as an arrow, no deviation. Then the needles don't break and the thumbs don't get bitten! Happy felting!


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