Saturday, July 31, 2010

some new embroideries

I've been working on some new embroideries inspired by animals, nature and Native American motifs. Like most of my embroidery art, these started out as doodles in my sketchbook. Always keep your sketchbook by your side! you never know what you might end up using from there. :)


Here is Nonaw (bear)


and Moki (deer)

I've got one more I'm still finishing up and then I'll have these available as PDF patterns in my shop!
I'm really enjoying stitching these up. I hope you like them too! :)

xo aimee


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I love all the detailing and the theme is so unique!

  2. your designs are lovely, and i agree about the sketchbook, but i somehow always manage to leave mine behind :( !

  3. I've been eager to see the result of Nonaw since you showed a sneak peak a while ago! These are so pretty. I can't wait to see the third and try my own hand at stitching these lovelies.

  4. I like these a lot and love the detailing and the eyes. They remind me of images from folklore.

  5. thank you all very much!! ^_^ they've been fun to work on!

  6. I love them sooo much.

    I am so impatient, I release the pattern in my shop before I finish the sample. lol. You have nerves of steal dear lady. I am awaiting the arrival of these beautiful pieces. Are they going to be offered in a set?


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