Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flickr Fun: Cute Little Trailers

Cute Little Trailers

We've got wanderlust big time and are itching to hit the road and find our place in this world (or multiple places) so today's Flickr Fun is all about trailers!
After living in a 2000+ square foot house for the last 5 years (wasting way too much money and energy) we have been seriously prioritizing and downsizing and are now looking forward to living in a small, efficient space again. Can you imagine having everything you own in a trailer or RV you can take with you wherever you want? I am so inspired by people like the awesome Janssen Family, who do this full time!
While that is not really a possibility for us, (both being artists, we do need a good sized studio space) we are seriously looking into a tiny home/living space on the side. That tiny wooden house trailer in the bottom left is one of the options we're considering: Check out Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. :)

♥ aimee


  1. Totally intriguing! We (three + two animals) live in 900 square feet. I'm constantly trying to make things more efficient. Playing on your theme, I have to share this (free!) embroidery pattern of a Nomad trailer from the gal who taught my embroidery class:

  2. I've dreamed for years of living in something like that. I don't think I can convince the man, though, and I tend to be a packrat, so I can't decide if that would hurt, or keep me from being so!

  3. Removed the comment because I should really read entire posts before commenting (Homer Simpson moment).

    I've been obsessing over tiny homes for some time now and looking more towards European designs, solely because the Tumbleweed homes don't really cater for self sufficiency save the compostable toilet.

    I'd like solar panels and a small pop up wind turbine (which I've already seen done with other tiny home designs). Personally prefer to live 'off the grid' if I were to do this.

    There are many very informative blogs on the subject from other tiny house builders, a quick google gets you a ton of info as well as some very good videos on the tube.

  4. thanks everyone! I'm on the road to simplifying life as much as possible. :)
    Seraphimia: I agree! Our ultimate goal is to be completely off the grid. my dream is to have a wind/solar powered house with a sun space where I can grow vegetables all year round.

  5. I'm oohing and aahing over this collage!! We're working on some serious debt reduction and the carrot dangling in front of us is being able to pay cash for a little trailer and doing a bit of traveling. We already have a smallish house - just right for the 3 of us and our 2 dogs, but I'd be happy with something even smaller when it's just hubby and I and the dogs :). Solar panels and a pop-up wind turbine would be fabulous!


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