Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here is a cute pink princess fatkitty I made recently for a custom order. I've been making fatkitties for a long time now, and it's always fun! When I got a sewing machine and first started sewing around 5 years ago, one of the first things I started making were fatkitties! I was starting to sell a few things online, and I knew I wanted to make stuffed animals. A cat was the logical choice (duh ;) and I knew I wanted them all to be different. I've always loved making one of a kind things, and also prefer decorating to constructing, so I designed this simple pattern with plenty of space to embellish. Here is the very first fatkitty I made:

"Day" on one side and "night" on the other. :) Lots of people loved my fatkitties I was posting online, so I started making lots of them for consignment shops and for my own friends. I've made hundreds over the last several years, each one of a kind! Fatkitties live all over the world. Now, I mostly make custom ordered kitties for people. I've made them with names embroidered on them, special colors, designs or symbols for unique people, and also fatkitties made to look like real life kitties!

Here are a few of the fatkitties I've made. You can see lots more on my flickr, they have their very own set.

One of my favorite custom orders is this set of KISS fatkitties I made for my husband! they are highly coveted. ;) sorry, they are one of a kind!!

Want to adopt a fatkitty? You can custom order one at my etsy shop, you'll get pick of the litter by choosing your own colors and unique design. I'll make it to your specifications.
Rather sew one up yourself? You can get my fatkitty PDF pattern and do that too! Right here. :)

♥ aimee


  1. They are so sweet! I love that you make one of each kind - it seems like each fatkitty is really special to you :)
    mitzi xxx

  2. I just love your fatkitties! I'm thinking my 1 year old might need one for Christmas.....
    Am I really thinking about Christmas already!?

  3. softies, aren´t they? I think a baby should be so happy with one of them...and me too!! lol!!

  4. oh my goodness, i just LOVE your fat kitties! the kiss set is brilliant :)

  5. These are awesome! Especially loving the ninja kitty -- makes me giggle!


  7. Oh, they're darling...The ninja kitty has me laughing!

  8. They are SwEeT!!! I love the day/night kittie, the ninja kittie, the blossom kittie ... oh heck, I LOVE them ALL!!!

    Do you make fat doggies? hehehe!

  9. thanks so much everyone!! :D they are so much fun to make!

  10. Really cute! I love the idea of embroidering on it to make it unique! The first craft I made when I was 12 was a kitty too but definitely not as cute as this LOL!!!


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