Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new embroidery patterns

It's been awhile since I've created new embroidery patterns for my shop (well, besides the 400 motifs in my new book, haha ;) and today I have a set of 3 for you! I really enjoyed working on these and I love how they turned out. I hope you do too. :)
Inspired by Native American mythology and imagery, I created this unique series of animal totem designs for you to stitch and enjoy! Their Hopi names are "Kotori" (owl spirit) "Honaw" (bear) and "Moki" (deer.)

Autumn always makes me want to read faerie stories, and one of my favorite modern faerie tale authors is Charles de Lint. Many of his stories are set in a fictional modern city and he uniquely combines Celtic and Native American mythology and animal spirit characters. I highly recommend reading some of his books!

You can get these PDF patterns by email from my shop, either individually, or the set of all three at a discount. Also, I have created an extensive, free tutorial I'll be posting here tomorrow, featuring the techniques I used to stitch these embroideries, so don't go away! :)

Happy stitching!

:) aimee


  1. I love your animal totems! I have been reading a lot of Charles de Lint lately (I'm in the middle of Moonheart!) and I thought of him as soon as I saw the pictures! Even before I read the blog! Thanks for being such an inspiration for all of us crafty girls!

  2. thank you Amanda!! That's cool! Charles de Lint is one of my faves. :)

  3. There are countless other styles and types of designs to choose from... from elegant to whimsical and everything in between. Most online designers offer free embroidery designs to try out something new and if you like it, there are more to match the set.


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