Monday, October 4, 2010

NOMs and friends

I've listed some new NŌMs and some tiny woodland friends in the shop today! Big NŌMs "Moss" and "Thatch" (Thatch has a rather large acorn hat, the first one for this year!)
Also minis #490-493 and some owlets, toadlet, froglet and hedgie are waiting for you to enjoy!

You may have noticed mini NŌM numbers are inching towards 500!! I can't believe I've made so many! They've gone to happy homes all over the world. We will definitely have a NŌM party when number 500 arrives (which will include a giveaway!) so stick around for the fun!

:) aimee


  1. It's normal that you had made so much gnomes Aimee, they are lovely!!
    They, and also you, deserve a great and a big party when you get the number of 500 ;)
    I'm still waiting for your books, they will arrive next month, I can't tell you how much I want to have them in my hands :p...I'm waiting for them since August!!

  2. Oh those little animals are too cute. 500!?! That's amazing.

  3. They are all so extremely cute, imagine seeing all of them side by side! :-)


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