Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big mushroom NŌMs

Big NŌM mushroom heads

Introducing, the first BIG NŌMs with mushroom hats! These guys were so much fun to paint. they make me smile! "Toadstool" and "Shroom" are about 2 and 1.5 inches high respectively, their little pal there (#534) is about 3/4 inch. They are all available for adoption in my shop.

Big NŌM mushroom heads

If you haven't visited the gnomeangel blog yet, check it out this week! My felt gnome PDF pattern was featured yesterday, and lots more gnome-y goodness is appearing all month, along with some great giveaways! (one from me will be there soon! ;)

xo aimee

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  1. Hi Fellow Gnovember participant :) Love these little mushroom hat guys and their cute little beards.


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