Thursday, November 18, 2010

embroidery art

squirrel pillow

4 seasons tree


I listed some embroidered artwork today! A cute little squirrel forest pillow, 4 Seasons tree (from my new book!) and Sprout (from my first Doodle Stitching book!) Each one is about 8x8 inches. All to be found in my
etsy shop. :)

♥ aimee


  1. Oh Aimee! These are just gorgeous!

  2. wau!! awesome! I like so much the first one with the squirrel :p...i'm still learning with your books ;)

  3. I love this blog,this inspiring things and lovely. I see all the things, all the details and feel so happy. Thank you to share with us.
    I just feel sad because its difficult do receive the things I can buy here, here in Brasil.

  4. Wonderful! the little squirrel is so sweet! love it :)

  5. beautiful! Can you stitch right on canvas or did you stretch it after? I have some canvases with nothing planned for them. It'd be kind of neat to try to embroider them.

  6. thank you all so much! ^_^

    Christina: You can stitch right on canvas, though I usually remove it first so I can get closer to the edges. These are actually fabric stretched onto canvas frames. :)


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