Thursday, March 17, 2011


for Japan
10+% of all sales from my shop this month will go to benefit Japan relief efforts.
This includes doll clothes, patterns, NŌMs, everything!
There has been so much Japan love and support from online communities lately, please get involved where you can! It's so great especially to see what the dolly community is doing. :) (Lots of dolls come from Japan!!) There are lots of awesome raffles going on, check out our flickr group if you're interested.
Also, some places to donate online (it's easy!):
Here's one of my Blythes, Wesley, being quintessentially Japanese with kimono and paper cranes. :) If you're interested in reading about the significance of paper cranes, go here. Legend says if you fold 1000 of them, you'll be granted a wish. For a lesson on how to fold them, go here. I think that's something everyone should know, don't you? :)
I've made lots of paper cranes, (probably not 1000 yet) but these are not the biggest and smallest ones I've made. The smallest was from a 1-inch square, pretty tiny! I was challenged by a guy I worked with who had lived in Japan and never made a paper crane! For his birthday I made him a giant one from wrapping paper, about 3x3 feet. that was fun.
I hope you'll send lots of thoughts and prayers (and support, if you can) to Japan.
xo aimee


  1. Your cranes are lovely and well done for your idea to give 10% of your sales to the Japan relief effort
    there is a site: which groups initiatives such as yours and I took liberty to tell them about you. I hope it is ok, Aimee, I am quite impulsive and then I thought maybe I should have asked you before..... In any case the most people know about this the best for Japan...

  2. no problem at all! thank you Dominique! <3


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