Thursday, April 14, 2011

aquarium visit

we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium yesterday to visit the sea life! It was lovely and relaxing to watch the fish (and sharks!) Here is a selection of my least blurry photos I took. (note to self: get a better camera before visiting another aquarium. ;P)


that's a giant clam in the front there!


happy eel

Happy Moray eel

sea slug

sea slugs are so pretty and weird! I love them.

huge furry starfish

a huge furry looking starfish

jellyfish love

Jellyfish, my favorite! I could watch them all day, they are so peaceful.

jellyfish love

we also saw lots of sharks (they swim too fast for good pics), rays, sea urchins, lobsters and shrimp, and lots of local freshwater fish (like huge alligator gars and giant snapping turtles, eek!) I was a little disappointed that we didn't see an octopus, and their sea turtle exhibit is not finished yet. But it is a great place to visit. I love sea life. :)

xo aimee


  1. Lovely pictures! I especially love the clown fish and the eel one (it's hilarious :). I love going to the aquarium, but I haven't been to one in several years.


  2. I love this! For our anniversary last year I begged my husband to take me to the Underwater Adventures aquarium in Minneapolis. Nothing like dressing up fancy in order to spend some looking at eels with my best guy. Pretty much perfect.


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