Saturday, April 2, 2011


purple flowers

It's starting to feel like Spring is back here (we had some nice weather a few weeks ago, then it turned coooold again!) It's sunny and warm today! Here's a little bit of spring for you (if you don't have any of your own), a tiny purple bouquet from my yard. They are mostly weeds, but I think weeds are underrated, lots of them are just as pretty as flowers you plant on purpose!

nest and eggs headband

I've also made another pretty Blythe headband with needle felted nest, clay eggs and embroidery, perfect for spring!

I'm having lots of fun making these, I'm really getting into needle felting, but I have to wait on more needles, I've broken several! :P

nest and eggs headband

This one is in my shop:

I hope you're having lovely Spring weather wherever you are this weekend,
along with an opportunity to get out and enjoy it!!

xo aimee


  1. LOVE, this headband (don't read as screaming, but amazement!). Makes me want to make one for my "real" girl:)

  2. thank you for the flowers bouquet, they are lovely.
    the headband is wonderful!

  3. pretty!! i found some of those pansy-looking flowers in my yard recently. and all this time i thought we only had those teensy violets :) i think they are my favorites anyway.


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