Thursday, May 26, 2011

cute little thing

oh my! handmade goodness has posted a wonderful article about
Roseann Sherry, the founder of cute little thing.
She makes the cutest needle felting kits! (If you've been thinking of trying out needle felting, definitely go check out her shop!)
This an inspiring story worth reading. It also happens to feature the illustrations and package designs I did for her business, along with Aeolidia. :) this was a really fun project to work on, I love how everything came together.


  1. I thought the logo at Cute Little Thing looked like your work! I love her felting kits, I suggest them to all my friends who want to learn to needle felt because the instructions are so good and easy to follow.

  2. awwww! aimee, thanks so much ~ you made a really challenging time tons of creative fun!!!! i couldn't be more pleased.

    thanks nora, i love helping your friends :)


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