Friday, September 16, 2011

friday funspiration: Fairy houses

My creation

You can build a tiny fairy house out of any found naturey things! how cute are these? You can find lots more by searching fairy houses on flickr or google. Fall is the perfect time to build one in your backyard!
:) aimee


  1. Thank you so much for posting this set of fairy houses. I keep thinking I really need to make one or two for the garden and then put the thought aside for another time! But this group has me inspired to the point that fairy houses are on my calendar!

  2. We've talking about making one of these for months. Thanks for helping get our creative juices flowing.

  3. What beautiful houses:) They are very pretty.

  4. these remind me of the fairy houses on Monhegan Island in Maine. Cathedral woods is full of little fairy houses... you would love it!

  5. I always wanted a fairy house when I was little, and now I want one again!

  6. These are really adorable. Thanks for sharing! I'm totally inspired to make some now, too!


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