Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gypsy Wagon

gypsy wagon

I finished a new embroidery pattern for you! It's a colorful gypsy wagon. Here's the perfect thing for you to stitch up while dreaming about traveling adventures, or to decorate your own little trailer! :)

gypsy wagon detail

gypsy wagon detail

I used a lot of different stitches, double lines, and beads to enhance my sample version of this pattern. Be sure to check out my Painting with Thread tutorial for descriptions of some of the techniques I use to spruce up my stitching!

You can purchase this pattern and start embroidering your own gypsy wagon, right here:

♥ aimee


  1. Amy, the link has a space in it and so is broken. I don't see the pattern on your easy shop once I went there, either.

  2. Um, silly autocorrect. Etsy shop, I meant.

    No problem, you're welcome!

  3. Yum yum. Your thread painting is amazing!

  4. Simply amazing. It makes me want to embroider again!

  5. So adorable I think I might faint! Blogged on WLFK today! XO,

  6. it's just awesome! so many little details.

  7. Hi

    I'm all ready to stitch up the gypsy wagon. I transferred it using the prick and pounce method. It gave me a few moments I can tell you - you have to join up lots of dots but I did it and it looks great and set to go.

    One thing though, I've got all my threads ready and I find I don't have 2 complementary colours for the turquoise roof, so I will have to order some. Would you mind letting me know which colours you used? I think I would love to use them too, if possible!

    Many thanks. It's a lovely design.

  8. Hi Sara,
    I believe I used DMC 597 and 3811. You can see my floss palette here:
    Hope that helps! Have fun stitching!

  9. Oh thank you! Yes that really helps, I have a similar colour to the darker shade but looking at shade cards online I couldn't decide what to put it with. But my problem is now solved; I really appreciate you getting back to me.


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