Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday funspiration: Thanksgiving food!


I love Thanksgiving food. I'm hungry for it all already. Here are some of my favorite standards. We are vegetarian so we do a mostly vegan Thanksgiving, which includes a Field Roast. These are sooo good! Especially the pastry wrapped ones. I seriously don't miss turkey at all. I've never eaten Tofurky and don't plan too since we discovered these. Mashed potatoes are probably my favorite Thanksgiving food ever. I also guiltily love canned cranberry sauce, haha. I've loved it since I was a kid, how it splorches out of the can in a can shape. :) I always buy organic now though. Also, home made rolls, pumpkin pie (pumpkin anything really) and any choice vegetables round out the table.
If you want to make a veggie Thanksgiving this year, I highly recommend, you'll find tons of great ideas (for any time of year really.) That's my standard recipe stop.
What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?
:) aimee

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