Friday, February 17, 2012


new headbands

Here are some new needle felted and embroidered felt headbands for your sweet woodland fairy girl

3 new headbands

<3 aimee


  1. So super cute! :) I love them! I emailed you about my library doing a doodle stitching group. We met for the first time this past Wednesday. It was a good turn out and we are looking forward to next months meeting. I found your coloring tinting blog post. We are going to try that. Thanks for helping us teach such a beautiful, fun and creative craft. -Another Aimee :)

  2. Aw! I love these! So, so sweet and springy. I especially love the sweet little bluebird. --Starr

  3. I LOVE the headbands, so freaking adorable!

  4. Hey, i was wondering about the dolls pictured, i.have seen them lots on blogs, but never any i could buy... where did u get yours? Are they blythe dolls?? How big r they??

    Love your patterns and blog and books, inwould say i love you but that'd be weird, but i do love your


  5. thanks so much guys!! :)

    Aimee: awesome! I'm so glad you're all having fun!

    Julia: Yes, they are Blythe dolls. :) They are about 12 inches tall. I bought most of mine on ebay. Thanks!


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