Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Funspiration: Mexican Embroidery by Aida Coronado Galeria

Friday Funspiration: Mexican Embroidery by Aida Coronado Galeria

Today's Inspiration comes from Aida Coronado Galeria
I LOVE these gorgeous dresses beautifully embroidered with traditional style Mexican designs. Here is the shop:

I also love her mission statement on flickr:

A collection dedicated for Mexico, for peace and earth lovers, hippie dreamers, bohemian girls, sharing indie and gypsy dreams and eye catching colors, All our pieces are and will be always handmade eco friendly and fairtrade. Full of traditions and amazing colorful pattens, it is whimsical and magic art, made with love for you in Mexico.

I had to try my hand at creating my own dresses (in miniature of course) with Mexican inspired hand embroidery. Take a look! 

Mexican inspired hand embroidered Blythe dresses

These are quite time consuming, but fun to work on and I'm pleased with how they turned out. You can pick one up in my shop:

xo aimee

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  1. I love your work! Thanks for sharing, your blog is filled with lovely inspiration for me! And thank you very much for the beadstitching tutorial, I'm eager to start with that as well!


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