Wednesday, March 12, 2014

deer girls

I've been playing with some new embroideries lately, and came up with these little deer girls. I like patterns that can be framed in hoops, for some reason I've never liked putting embroidery behind glass. (I just use ordinary wooden hoops, and wrap them in satin ribbon.)
Most of my embroideries are still in their raw form, just tacked up on my craft room wall. (I'll take a picture of that soon. ;)

I did these girlies just for fun, when I was done stitching they seemed to need a little something, so I added some color tinting with chalk pastels. I really like the look of a little extra color in there! Chalk pastel tinting isn't permanent like crayon tinting, but since these are just to hang on the wall, it doesn't matter. Plus, you can add pastel colors after you're all done stitching, which I prefer a bit to coloring beforehand with crayons. 
Maybe it's something you'll want to try? :)

My deer girls are available in my etsy shop if you're interested in adding a little something new to your wall art collection:

xo aimee

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