Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Funspiration: Succulents

Friday Funspiration: Succulents

I love these little guys so much, Ive been drooling over them at Lowes lately! But I'm not the greatest gardener and I hate seeing them die. :( I need to read up on succulent care and create a sunny space in  my house before I commit to making a succulent garden.

Have you had success growing succulents?

I've also been inspired by them lately because our assignment this week for my MATS e-course was to create designs using succulent inspired artwork! Here are some mini, hand embroidered succulents I created for that. I'm working on my final design which I'll post in a day or so. 

stitched succulents

I hope you have a sunny weekend!

xo aimee


  1. Your little succulents are so awesome, and they all look so unique! I love embroidering underwater creatures and plants, and succulents remind me of that. I will have to try this, I love them so much. :)

    I have a couple of succulents at the moment. I decided to try Lithops, and while one is opening, the other is not. So fascinating though!

    1. They are great embroidery subjects! I do want to start growing some again, they are fun to have around!

  2. I love succulents, they're a great way to introduce children in to plants. Plus I'm not so great with plants myself. Our latest addition is a tiny Eve's Needle Cactus. Little L wanted a pet and we suggested a plant, she chose one and named it Freddy. So far Freddy has been for tea at my in laws and played hide and seek.

  3. Thanks so much Shell, and what a cute story! That's a fun idea for a first "pet" ;D


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