Tuesday, April 1, 2014

fruit and pyrex

fruit and pyrex

Here are my sketches from our first mini assignment from the Make Art That Sells (MATS) e-course I'm doing! 

This first week we are learning about fabric designs. We were to draw tropical fruit and vintage pyrex inspired casserole dishes. 
Admittedly, I was more inspired by the designs on the pyrex than the actual dishes, but drawing some of those morphed into drawing fruit and flower patterns. I will be pulling icons from these pages to create a fabric pattern for the main assignment later in the week.

(PS, now I want to start collecting vintage pyrex. ;)

xo aimee


  1. I have also had a thought about collecting Pyrex! However, because I already have Fiestaware, I was hoping to inherit a Pyrex or two that are already special to me. Sometimes one or two of something meaningful can be better than any collection, I think. :)

    This is such a great concept to learn about. You have so many great tiny works of art here! I do love your casserole drawings, and the fruit and flowers are so fun!

    1. Thanks Liza! I'm having a lot of fun in this class. I agree about having just a couple rather than a whole set, all of my dishes are mismatched, purposefully. :) It's so colorful and fun. I need to start adding some special vintage pieces to my collection.


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