Wednesday, July 16, 2014

embroider a mandala contest

embroider a mandala

I've been drawing and making mandala art everywhere lately, this is one I created for my illustration e-course Boot Camp at (Our assignment was to illustrate our favorite drink, this is my interpretation of Water with Lemon.)

This is the first mandala I've done digitally and I wanted to make it into an embroidery pattern. But I couldn't wait to stitch it up myself before sharing it with you! SO, I decided have a little contest for all you lovely, talented stitchers looking for a new pattern to embroider. (Embroidery is a great project to work on while soaking up sun, or traveling on vacation!) The contest is simple, be the first to complete this new embroidery pattern, send me a picture, and you'll win 4 free PDF patterns of your choice from my shop

To get the mandala pattern, you'll need to purchase it from my shop:
But it is 50% off this week (only 2 buckaroos) so go grab it up fast! 
Choose your favorite colors and fabric to stitch on. I'll make a mosaic of all the completed versions and post here. I love to see all the variety you create with my patterns!

Have fun!
xo aimee

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