Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I love coffee ❤︎ I love tea

I love coffee ❤︎ I love tea

I've got a new sewing pattern for you! Who doesn't love coffee or tea, or both?? These cute cups are fun to stitch up, they make great pincushions or or customizable cute gifts for someone in honor of their favorite cozy drink.

I love coffee ❤︎ I love tea

Included are patterns and instructions to make 3 inch tall cups, as well as a tea bag, lemon slice, whipped cream topping and embroidery patterns. Mix and match the patterns with your favorite colors to create your very own favorite beverage is soft form.

I love coffee ❤︎ I love tea

The pattern is newly available in my shop:

*The placemat in these photos is my "Life Mandala" embroidery pattern, also available at littledear!

I hope you enjoy it, treat yourself to a real version of your favorite beverage as you stitch up this plush one. 
xo aimee


  1. I don't love coffee or tea - but I do like your pattern!! :) The whip cream is awesome.

  2. I love coffee and tea, and I love this pattern! The colors you chose are amazing! I will need to put this pattern on my to-do list. ;)

    1. Thank you! They are fun and easy to make. :)


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