Friday, July 25, 2014

lantern banner

lantern banner with tassels!

Here's my new printable Paper Lanterns banner in action! I spruced it up a bit with some tassels, and I think it turned out really fun. It's easy to do.

lantern stitching

After you print and cut out the lanterns, you can easily string them together with a needle and string. I used embroidery floss, as I seem to have a ton of that around for some reason. 
You can simple sew the floss right onto the lanterns using a needle poked through the marked holes.

lantern closeup

Add tassels at the bottom by knotting several small lengths of floss and pulling them individually through from the back with a needle, or cut a small slit in the bottom of the lantern and pull several pieces through together.

A little bit of floss adds a whole new dimension to this cute banner. You can pick up the PDF (as well as the coordinating Lucky Cat and Kokeshi printables) at my shop: Use them for your papercraft or scrapbooking projects or hang banners all over the house! It's a fun, easy way to brighten up any room. :)

new printable banners

Have fun!
xo aimee


  1. So cute!!! These banners would have been absolutely perfect for a birthday party I threw a few years ago. Because it was such a fun party to have, and something I should try again, I will definitely remember where to buy them! ;)

    1. Sounds like fun! I love to have a theme party sometime!


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