Friday, August 22, 2014



A new custom petite Blythe is available at little dear!


This is Dryad, a tiny forest faery.


Dryad has a pretty hand painted face and body with leaves and tree bark. Her green leafy felt hair is topped with a needle felted nest and three tiny clay eggs. She has antlers made of real oak twigs which are removable. (These twigs are sturdy yet delicate, so I can't guarantee that they won't break eventually. I've included extras however, so you can replace them as needed, or just swap them out for a different look.) She comes with a tiny dress embellished with hand embroidery. Dryad also comes with a custom embroidered stand and a hand painted, keepsake tag. 
Little Dryad would love to come live with you!
Adopt her today at

xo aimee

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