Saturday, October 18, 2014

more sketchbook pages

sketchbook page

some randomness...

sketchbook page

This one has some Doodle Stitching motif ideas...

sketchbook page

and this one has some product ideas for little dear (and more random doodles!)

I love hearing your thoughts! I sometimes find a lot more interest and connection with my sketch book pages than I do with my finished work. I think because they are random, not planned out and tend to incorporate lots of different things since I don't draw the whole page at once. Also I don't think about what they will look like when they are 'done', they are much more spontaneous, I'd like to capture more of that in my finished works. :)

xo aimee

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  1. I think they are special, they bring me to my childwhood, they bring me to my daughters' world, a place I sometimes forget as I am involved in too many things to do... Your drawings make me stop for a moment and think to the magic, that we shouldn't never forget! Christmas time is coming... I want to live all the magic!


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