Tuesday, April 5, 2016

new tattooed dolls


I've been stitching like crazy the last week to finish up these three lovelies!
Koi the mermaid, Moss the forest fairy and Frida, Kahlo of course.  

moss fairy

I love adding extra special details to my dolls, making each one unique and one of a kind. It takes a lot of time but it is so worth it in the end!


All three ladies are in my etsy shop this morning, www.littledear.etsy.com

Is one of them destined to come live with you?
xo aimee


  1. You're killing me here! They're all so beautiful! And, as a semi-kinda-wellnotreally-delusional artist, Frida is an inspiration. Frida Kahlo is an inspiration as a woman, hell, as a human being! All that pain and she turned it into beauty.
    And, to add to that, the Moss Fairy's wings are lovely (and I like the look on her face... who says fairies can't be annoyed? it's the same look my cat gets when I make him do something).
    Now. There's another mermaid. With little fishies!
    Dude. I'm never getting those necessary things that people have to buy, am I? Farewell toilet paper. It's been nice. Hello to recycling junk mail. There is just too much awesome on etsy.

  2. Thank you so much Whitney!! I love your feedback and comments, I love you. xo


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