Sunday, August 23, 2009

new embroidery pattern, and a word on transferring

new embroidery pattern!
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it's been awhile, but I have a new pattern for you! it's available in PDF form in either of my little dear shops. or
This is a pretty complex pattern, when I stitched it up, I pretty much made it up as I went along! Feel free to follow the pattern as it is, or just use the outline and face if you like, and fill in her hair with whatever you want. ;)

I like offering my embroidery patterns as PDF files, 1. because it's really easy (and free!) for me to email them to you, and 2. You have the freedom to use whatever transfer method you like best.
Personally, I trace my patterns onto fabric using a light table (you can use a sunny window if you don't have one) and a fabric pen. I like being able to remove my pattern lines when I'm done stitching. But, if you prefer an iron-on transfer, guess what? You can make them yourself! All you have to do is print out the pattern on a laser printer, or make a photocopy, and use it as an iron-on. Be sure to reverse the image first, especially if it has text. The lines will be more or less permanent, but you can re-use your pattern several times.

What is your favorite pattern transfer method? :)


  1. Thank you so much for making this into a pattern!! I've stitched it up once as a gift for someone, changing up the "thoughts" inside the hair (I flickr-mailed you about it!), and now I want to stitch it up for myself, with the thoughts all being food / kitchen related, so I can hang it in our kitchen. I'll be heading to etsy in just a bit :).

    My favorite transfer method is tracing, using my lightbox. I use either a fine tip water soluable pen or a fine tip Sharpie. I've gotten to where even when I have iron-on transfers, I photocopy them and then trace them instead -- I just don't like dealing with the iron!

  2. Hi!! I just bought your book today.. I am so excited to get started on some embroidery projects. I haven't embroidered since I was a teen. I have wanted to pick it up for some time. So fun to see it popular again. I am going to post your book and some pictures on my blog.. Thank you for the inspiration.. Love your designs.. Have a lovely week.

  3. thank you both!! I'm so glad you are enjoying my patterns. :D be sure to post your pics in our flickr group!

  4. Well duh! A light table and a fabric pen - honestly - why didn't I THINK of that? I have both - ha ha!! Thanks for the tip!!

  5. I'm new to this & I love your designs. Can you please tell me what paper to use if I do the Iron - on methond? The actual iron on papers at the store are all like stickers after you iron them on. I don't have a light box and bigger patterns kill my arms & hands if i just use the window to trace it.


  6. Hi Rachel, You can just use regular printer paper. The laser printer ink will actually transfer onto your fabric when you iron it. I would just test it first on a scrap piece to be sure it doesn't do anything weird. :)


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