Monday, August 17, 2009

the yard stick shelf

yard stick shelf close up
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(you may have seen this before on my old blog, I'm just reposting it here so I can archive all my free projects. ;)

this is the cheapest, easiest nic nac shelf you can find. here's what you need:

a yard stick- you should be able to find one at your local hardware store for under a dollar. you can paint it if you like, I left mine in it's natural state.

cut 3 pieces of ribbon all the same length. I made mine about 9 inches long.
fold one ribbon into a circle, overlapping the ends. put the end pointing up on the inside.
put a thumbtack through both ends from the inside. stick it in the wall.
repeat with the other two ribbons, one for each end of the yard stick and one in the middle.
slide the yard stick through the ribbons. you can glue it underneath if you want.
voila! you're done.

here's my shelf:


  1. Gasp! This is the coolest thing EVER! Right up there with your swifter, which I'm TOTALLY gonna make this weekend!
    But this shelf is perfect as a temporary shelf for, say, Christmas cards or birthday cards! I'm soo in love with this I can't even tell you!!!
    Thank you!

  2. This will be PERFECT for displaying Blythe footwear!!

  3. Oh, this is SO cute! Too bad we do not have yardsticks here in Germany :-(

  4. Just saw this and it went straight to my decorating pinboard. I love it and I just happen to have a vintage yard stick. I want to display small embroideries and vintage greeting cards on it. Love!

  5. all great idea! glad to share with you all! :D

  6. I have so many yard sticks from my Grandma some are broken but for some reason I just could not throw them away. Yes! This is perfect. I plan to put them above my closets since it is such a awkward space. Thank for all the great stuff and inspiration that you have provided! =)

  7. What a brilliant idea, will be perfect to use those tiny spaces around the house to display loved items.
    Now I have a huge dilemma, should I shouldn't I use my antique yard stick.

  8. And for ALL your lil Plush Animals! Oh Yeah ;o) Thanks Lots! ...liz


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