Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dolly goodness

I'm in patchwork love lately! Here are two of my sweet Blythe dollies napping under a scrap quilt I made them. (yep, still using up scrap fabrics!) the quilt in the background is a vintage one made by my husband's Gran. Sadly it's falling apart, but I'm going to cut it up and make some pillows out of the good bits.

In other news, I marked down EVERYTHING for Blythe at my shop, go have a look! I'm clearing it all out with plans to restock all new dolly goodies in the next few weeks. :)


  1. Very Cute, I'd love a Blythe doll but they are so hard come by in the UK! Can you recommend anywhere that might ship to the UK? Love your blog by the way, just trying my hand at a little embroidery recently! Justine xx

  2. Thanks Justine! :) I would suggest checking the listings at and trying to get one second hand. you will most likely either find someone in the UK, or at least someone willing to ship there. good luck!! :)


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