Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mushroom Pincushion tutorial

What are you doing today? How about making some little mushroom pincushions? I had so much fun making these, I thought I'd make a tutorial to show you how. :) These are really easy, completely sewn by hand, and you can cut them out freehand and make any size and shape you like.

1. Cut out some pieces of felt. You'll need two ovals or circles the same size, one red (or another color) and one cream or white. Also, one rectangular piece for the stem. I cut some small white circles for spots on my shroom top. Stitch these on first, and add any embroidery or other embellishments. If you want to try some easy embroidery, check out this tutorial!

2. Line up the mushroom top parts and sew them together around the edge, with a bit of stuffing inside. Start with your knot in between, and just stitch up and down, all around the edge. Pull your stitches tightly, to give it that puckered look.

3. Now put the stem together. You'll be stitching the rectangle piece into a tube, so test it and trim it to the size and width you want to support the top you made. It doesn't need to be any exact size, but don't make it too thin or it might have trouble standing. Add embroidery or embellishments first, then stitch it the ends together. Now cut a small circle the size of the tube opening and stitch that around the bottom.

4. Now fill half the stem with dry beans or rice, or synthetic bean bag filler. I used mung beans, (in case you were wondering), I happened to have some in the cupboard and they were just the right size. Fill the rest of the stem with stuffing.

5. Pin the stem in place on the mushroom top and stitch it on.

6. All done! isn't he cute? You can make lots of these, try using different colors, and altering the shapes a bit for variety.

little mushroom pincushions

Here are the ones I made! One is still left in my shop if you don't feel like making them yourself. :)

♥ aimee


  1. Thaaaank you so much Aimee!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to have a go even if it will be hard for me to part with my beans for the filling (I use sprouting seed trays)

  3. you are so generous to share how you made these! hopefully i'll be able to make some mushrooms in the future!

    p.s. i pre-ordered your book last week, so excited!

  4. I made one! But I like yours much more than mine! :)

  5. Supercute! I'm printing this out to bring with me on a looong road trip coming up. :-)

  6. Aww, that's darling! I love Faith's idea for a road trip craft. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, I'll be linking.

  7. Beautiful project! Thanks for sharing this project with us.

  8. Thank you! Love it!

  9. Those are adorable!! Thanks so much for the tutorial- having a woodland baby shower and these would be perfect!

  10. Those are so pretty!


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