Monday, January 24, 2011

embroidered cuckoo clock!

I've got a new embroidery pattern and a free project for you today! I've been working on this cuckoo clock pattern for awhile now. I love woodland fairy tale imagery and for some reason, the jackalopes seemed to fit right in. ;) Since it's a woodland fantasy theme, it's fitting that it's ready at the same time that our Doodle Stitch Along is going on! It fits right in with the free woodland motifs we're giving away.
The cuckoo clock embroidery pattern is available in my etsy shop:
I purposefully designed this pattern with the hands part separate, so that it can be made into a real clock! That's what I've done, and I'm going to give you instructions here on how you can do it too.

What you need:
Cuckoo clock pattern (available in my shop)
embroidery floss
clock kit (3/4 " shaft)
9x12 inch wood panel (oval or any shape)
fabric glue
matte board
matte knife

1. First, print the pattern, transfer it onto fabric and embroider it however you like. Keep the paper pattern when you're done. Iron your embroidery to get rid of wrinkles.

2. Cut out the pattern, leaving about 1/2 inch around the outside. You don't need to cut in too closely around small details, like the antlers. Just curve around them.

3. Trace the outline onto a piece of matte board and cut it out with the matte knife. White board is best if your fabric is white, I used this peachy color since that's what I had. (it's white on the other side.)

4. Center your embroidery over the matte board shape and glue it down with fabric glue. Start in the center with a bit of glue and work your way out to the edges, smoothing the fabric flat as you go.

5. When it's dry, trim off the extra fabric around your embroidery, leaving about 1/2 inch around the edge. Now turn over the piece and begin gluing the sides of the fabric to the back of the board. Cut notches into the sides of your fabric, just short of the matte board edge, so that you can overlap them on the back. This will help the edges to look smooth and even.

6. Using an craft knife, carefully cut a small hole into the center of the clock face, right over the moon's nose. Depending on the size of your clock kit, you probably won't need a hole any bigger than 1/4 inch. Poke the fabric around the hole through to the back and glue it down. (a knitting needle can be helpful here.) Fabric glue should stop any fraying around the hole, but you can add fray check too if you like.

7. Now get out your wood panel. I purchased this oval shaped one at Hobby Lobby since it is already beveled. You could also cut one yourself if you're feeling motivated. :) I varnished mine a bit darker than the natural color. You can varnish, paint it or leave it in it's natural wood state. Center the embroidered panel over the wood panel and make a mark on the wood through the hole, then drill a hole through the wood at the mark. How big of hole you need will depend on your clock parts, just be sure the shaft will slide through.

8. Now put your clock together! Just follow the instructions on the package to assemble your clock. Basically, you'll just push the clock shaft through the holes from the back, and put the hands onto the front. I customized mine a little by placing the washer behind the embroidery, so it is raised up a bit from the wood. Glue the embroidery panel to the wood.

All done! now you have a unique, though silent, cuckoo clock, but that might be a good thing. ;)

♥ aimee


  1. So beautiful! I love your work.

  2. Who doesn't love a jackalope? Really lovely design!

  3. oooooh I really like this. I think I might have to make a purchase. Would be a wonderful gift for someone!

  4. This is amazing! Just pinned it to Pinterest. Also, wanted to let you know that I just got your new book today! Totally love everything in it. I have your first book too, but I've lost it somewhere in's got to be in a box somewhere. Been following your blog for awhile now, just wanted to let you know that you're very talented <3

  5. Wow! Just that, I'm pretty speechless lol

  6. What an absolutely beautiful clock!

  7. I just ordered it; I had added it to my favorites before I even read the blog post! I just love your creations!

  8. Hey, nice work. I just did a post about it on our blog:

  9. hehehe jackalopes. reminds me of a conversation i had years ago with my dad and grandpa. they swear they exist, and i swear that just because you see something in a gas station in the middle of the desert, doesn't mean it's real. silly, jackelopes ;)

  10. What a unique and wonderful idea!

  11. May I just say "squee!!" That is adorable!!

  12. I'm SO happy! I bought you book Doodle Stitching about a year ago, and today I found your blog via ReadyMade.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work/designs/ideas!
    Happy Wednesday!

  13. do you plan to sell this in your shop or the patter ?

  14. Love this and love your blog. You are so generous, sharing your creativity.

  15. This is too perfect, it's scary. My grandfather's hobby was making wooden clocks and my grandmother's is embroidery. AND they had a German cuckoo clock. Haha. I got chills when I saw this. Thank you! ;-)

  16. Can this hang on a wall or does the clock kit stick out too far in the back for that to be possible?


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