Friday, January 21, 2011

stitch along week 3!

stitch along week 3 motifs!

Have you joined in on our Doodle Stitch Along yet? Here are this week's free motifs! You can get them at the Lark blog, right here.

And here are my boy and girl stitched up from last week.

stitch along week 2 boy and girl

Look at all the creative ways people are embroidering the same patterns!

Stitch Along motifs from last week!

there are lots more in our Stitch Along flickr group.
Come join us!

♥ aimee


  1. Yay! Thanks for including my piece! And thanks for the stitchalong -- I'm truly having so much fun with this :) Can't wait to tackle the tree house this weekend!

  2. Thanks for showing my stitchery. I can only repeat it again and again: It's so much fun!

    I have your both books and I like them really a lot, but this stitch along motivates me to get started :-)

  3. I love this stitch along so much! Of course, I won't even get to start it until after it is over..but never-the-less I will enjoy it!!

  4. Those are so cute. Do NOT tempt me. My calendar is full! But they are SO cute ....


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