Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday funspiration: dollhouses


I've been thinking about making some little dollhouse rooms, so here's some inspiration for you (and me) today! I'd like to use all recycled materials, cardboard, fabric scraps, etc. I love the idea of building rooms out of boxes! When I was a kid, I made a whole dollhouse in a shoebox, only instead of standing on it's edge, it sat flat and you looked down into all the rooms. The roof was the lid (and also a swimming pool!) I wish I had pictures of it! I'm not sure when I'll get to this project, just another one to add to the long list and dream about. :)

xo aimee


  1. Dollhouses are super-fun! I'm refurbishing the (now vintage) dollhouse my dad built for me when I was a child. I'm doing a series on this project on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration--these pictures are fun! :-)

  2. Oh, these are wonderful, thanks for sharing!! I have a dollhouse kit which I purchased at least 20 years ago, and then I collected furniture and accessories for years after that. I know I will get it made one day....thanks for the inspiration :-)


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