Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new headbands

tree and bird headbands

I made two new Blythe headbands! Tree Antlers, and a little Robin sitting in a bed of leaves. They're available in the shop today.

♥ aimee


  1. Aimee, I had no idea what a Blythe doll was until I saw your site, and wasn't really into having one until I saw your listing here:

    My goodness, that doll is wearing granny boots! *swoon* If I had a money tree I'd run right out and buy one and she would wear fashions by Little Dear exclusively.

    You are just beyond talented and truly an inspiration. ♥

  2. aw, thanks so much Jen! Blythes are lots of fun, and addictive! (I love those boots too!)


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