Friday, August 5, 2011

sew a stuffed toy

I was totally inspired when I saw Carina's Dala Horse Craftalong, so I grabbed her free pattern and started on this little Dala plush! I thought it would be a perfect project to show you how to make a super easy plush toy out of almost any shape.

You'll need two pieces of felt or other fabric, stuffing, plus embroidery floss or anything else you want to embellish your toy. I traced Carina's applique pattern onto my felt pieces and cut them out, leaving about 1/2 inch around the edge.
Next, decorate one side (or both) however you like! I used felt applique and embroidery on my horse.

Now pin both sides together, right sides facing in, and sew around the edge on your pattern line. I use a sewing machine for this part, but if you want to do it all by hand, you can use a tight back stitch. Leave about 2 inches open, somewhere at the bottom is usually best.

Now snip off extra fabric at any corners, and cut notches along curves. Be careful not to cut through your stitches! This will help your seams look smooth when your toy is turned right side out.

Now turn your toy right side out and stuff it firmly. It's helpful to use a chop stick or knitting needle to poke out the small areas. Last, stitch up the opening. This stitch is called the hidden stitch, and will barely be noticeable when you use it to close up your toy.

Start with a knot on the inside of the seam. Bring the needle out and across the opening, then in and along the inside of one edge. Now come back out, straight across the seam, and back in and along the inside on the other edge. Keep stitching along the opening, when you've closed it up, tie a knot close to the seam.

All done! my Dala horse is about 7 inches tall, you can use this technique to make easy plush toys almost any size or shape. Such a fun project! (thanks Carina!)

:) aimee


  1. Awesome stuff, Aimee! Loooove your horse! :-)

  2. I blogged about this post!

    Thanks for this great tutorial, it's so cute! :)

  3. Ha! If I had come here first, I wouldn't have asked the question about size on flickr.

    You have really done a beautiful job with this soft toy using Carina's design. Very sweet Dala indeed.

    Thank you so, so much for joining in the Dala Craftalong.

  4. I love it!
    I'll surely try to make one Dala horse with you tutorial!

  5. Your posts are always so inspirational! Thanks for the great ideas and thanks for sharing them!

  6. I love this, so cute! I'm so glad you joined in the craftalong! :)

  7. I spotted your horse on Pinterest and fell in love with this project. I made a simple version (no embroidery). Thanks for the inspiration!

    I pinned my version here:

    ~ Marisa

  8. Very pretty... Nice creativity.. I love your blog site. Thanks

  9. Ficou lindinho demais. Adorei. Beijos

  10. How nice !! i didn't know someone did it too ! here is mine :

  11. So cute! I saw this and had to make one for my son, who loves it. Thank you for inspiration and tutorial!

  12. Preciosos tus trabajos. Conoce los mios:


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