Monday, November 21, 2011

mini garlands

blue garlands

I've been making mini garlands! They're cute and easy and a great way to use up felt and fabric scraps (which you know I love.) These are little, the flags are about 2 inches long, perfect for hanging on the edge of a shelf or over a picture frame.
I got the idea for these from the new Holiday issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine:

stitch craft create cover

Which, btw, also features an original embroidered ornament project by yours truly. ;) This magazine is packed with all kinds of pretty eye candy and great holiday craft projects. I highly recommend picking up a copy!

autumn garland

Love the autumny colors, perfect decoration for Thanksgiving!

garland pile

They even look pretty in a pile! I'll be giving most of mine away in some of my etsy orders.
:) aimee


  1. Those little garlands are so adorable! I may have to make a few... no shortage of scraps in my studio! ^_^


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