Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Book of NŌM!

It's coming...

The Book of NŌM is finally here! After 2 years and many, many hours of work, 
I am thrilled to bring  it to you!
It's been a fun experiment in producing/publishing a book all on my own.

 A soft cover, 6x9 inch trade paperback, The Book of NŌM contains 50+ pages of all NŌM goodness. You'll find photos of every little one of a kind NŌM made from #1 to #600 and all of their Big and little friends, plus extra artwork, activity pages, fan gallery and more. Each page has been uniquely designed with hand drawn elements and a fun, vibrant color palette, plenty of eye candy. :)  Everything in this book, from the photography, illustration and writings was done by me, Aimee Ray, creator of NŌMs.  Any NŌM collector or lover of cute things or fantasy will treasure this unique art book.

Here is a peek inside:

NŌM book pages

NŌM book pages

NŌM book pages

Book of NŌM special edition set

At you can get The Book of NŌM Special Edition set which includes a signed copy of the book, a 5x7 inch mini print (numbered limited edition of 100) and a hand painted watercolor pin back button (each one is different!)

Or, if you'd rather save a little money, you can get copies directly from right here:

Either way, I hope you'll enjoy perusing my little book! I'm excited to finally see it in real life. :)

To help celebrate my book and the Holiday season, I've also listed a bunch of new Christmas tree NŌMs for 2012! All today at

2012 Christmas tree NŌMs!

2012 Christmas tree NŌMs!

Happy day! :)


  1. I think your book looks amazing. All that work paid off as it looks really beautiful.You obviously have lots of different talents to enable you to do it all yourself. I love that people can now do that. I bet you feel very proud - you should do!

  2. Wow! I must buy a copy at once. I only own one nōm but I am so fond of him. Congratulations on completing such a big project :)


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