Thursday, September 18, 2014

ship in a bottle

ship in a bottle

I've just finished a new embroidery pattern! I've been wanting to do something nautical for awhile now so this design was born of my favorite oceanic imagery.


I used mostly Split Stitch on this one, it's my favorite stitch for outlines. I generally use all 6 threads for most lines, and cut it to 3 threads for some smaller, interior details.


Fish scales were stitched in tiny straight stitches and bubbles were done in satin stitch.

I have so many different floss colors from all the projects I've done over the years, I usually pull from my stash. But for this pattern, I wanted something unique. I actually consulted my floss color chart and picked out all new colors! Here they are, if you want to use the same palette.

ship in a bottle floss colors

This pattern is available now in my shop for instant download:

xo aimee

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