Friday, February 24, 2017

Embroider a Dream Catcher

It's been awhile, are you ready for some new embroidery patterns from little dear? I've just listed three all new patterns based on some of my favorite embroidered dream catchers I've been making! This sweet, sleeping fox mandala is one of them. As an extra bonus, I'm going to let you in on how I created the dream catcher border stitch I use.  I hope you'll try it out and enjoy making stitched dream catchers as much as I have!
(Just FYI, you can easily stitch up the entire dream catcher web border using only straight stitches and it will look just fine. This technique is just a unique way to create a true dream catcher style web right on your fabric!)

When you're done, be sure to check out This Tutorial on how to wrap your finished hoop art and add dream catcher tails to the bottom. 

To stitch your own embroidery hoop dream catcher, you'll need a 6 inch hoop, fabric and one of the 3 dream catcher pattern PDF downloads from my shop.  With your pattern download, you'll also receive a dream catcher grid to use for this stitch. Begin by transferring the grid to the BACK of your fabric. I used light pencil lines. You'll use this grid to determine where to begin and end your straight stitches. Transfer and stitch the center mandala section of the pattern, and then you'll be ready to start the dream catcher border.

Begin by stitching Straight Stitches around the edge of the hoop using the grid on the back of your fabric as a guide. Make a tiny back stitch at each corner point before the next stitch. 

When you complete the first circle, make sure your fabric is very tight in the hoop. Following the grid, bring your needle up on the second line below the middle of first stitch. 

Catch the stitch with your needle, pulling the thread downwards.

Hold this stitch in place with your finger while you slide your needle under the next stitch, pulling it down in the center as well. 

Continue around the edge of the border, keeping your stitches pulled tightly. When you get to the end of the second circle, make a tiny stitch through the fabric to complete it and begin the next round in the same way.

If you run out of thread, just make a tiny stitch securing the thread wherever you need to and then continue on with your weaving.

When you're done, add the additional stitch embellishments to the border. All done! Now you can frame your embroidery right in the hoop, or add your own dream catcher tail with yarn, ribbon, lace or feathers.

Here are the colors I used to stitch up my fox design! Also not pictured (because I almost ran out) is beige DMC 422 which I used for the dream catcher web. I love these autumn colors but this design would also look amazing stitched up in silvery winter colors with a grey fox! (I may just do that myself soon.) 

I hope you'll try out this technique and let me know what you think!
xo aimee


  1. Thank you for making these into patterns! They are beautiful. When I saw the fox had sold I was so happy you made it in to a pattern. Looking forward to starting today.


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