Monday, July 16, 2018

The Easiest Way to Transfer Embroidery Patterns

I'm popping in today to give you a quick tutorial on this amazing stuff called Sulky Sticky Fabric-Solvy. If you love to embroider intricate designs but don't love tracing them onto fabric, this is what you need! You can print your pattern right onto a sheet of this adhesive stabilizer, stick it to your fabric and stitch away. When you're done it washes away in warm water.
(By the way, These 3 Sulky products: Sticky Fabri-Solvy, Stick 'n Stitch, and Stick 'n Carve are all the SAME product, packaged differently for different uses and markets. :)

I purchased a pack of Fabric-Solvy on Amazon, it comes in pre-cut sheets to run through your printer. Just print out your pattern in black ink (I'm using the newest PDF embroidery pattern available in my shop!)

The back peels off and you can stick it right to your fabric and reposition it easily if necessary. When you have it in place, just put it in a hoop and stitch the design through both stabilizer and fabric, following the printed pattern lines. I had no problem with my needle sticking in the adhesive, it doesn't hinder stitching at all.

All done stitching! Now carefully peel up the edges and cut away any large areas of stabilizer around the edge of your design. 

Rinse the fabric in warm water and the stabilizer melts away! It took less than a minute for mine to disappear. Rinse again in clean water, press it out in a towel and dry. 

All done! Fabric-Solvy made transferring this pattern so easy. Definitely give it a try! (I'd like to thank my friend Mollie of Wild Olive for tipping me off to this, it's a treasure and so is she!)

xo Aimee


  1. Oh wow! This WILL make stitcheries so much easier!
    Thanks for the advice and demonstration :)

  2. Can you trace onto this if you don't have a printer? I've been away from embroidery for about 30 yrs & am finding time to start again so I don't know anything about new products.


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