Monday, August 20, 2018

Cute and Easy Iron on plush

I have a super cute, fun and easy project for you today!
You can sew your own plush toy using any of my Printable Party PDF downloads from These are quick and make great last minute gifts! Especially if they match the decorations, it's like having a souvenir to remember an extra special party.

I'm using my Woodland Animals set 1 raccoon today, you can find that set right here! The PDF file includes 3 different sizes so you can create all different kinds of printable decorations, and even plush toys. 

You will also need:
1 iron on transfer sheet
8x10 inches of white fabric
8x10 inches of a matching patterned fabric (or more white)
plenty of stuffing
sewing machine

Start by printing out the largest raccoon from the PDF file on the transfer sheet and iron it onto the white fabric according to the package directions. (I always cut away the extra transfer paper from around the image before ironing since the blank space can sometimes leave a yellowish color behind.)

Cut out the raccoon leaving 1 inch of fabric all around the edge. Place the raccoon fabric face down onto the second fabric (for the back,) trace and cut out a piece the same size and shape.  

Pin the two pieces together right sides facing and mark a pencil line 1/2 inch out around the outside of the raccoon. This is the sewing line. Sew the pieces together on the line, leaving around 3 inches open at the bottom.

Before you turn it right side out, cut small slits around the edge outside the stitch line about every 1/2 inch. Be careful not to cut through the stitches! This will help the seams look smooth after it's turned. Turn the raccoon right side out. 

Stuff him firmly with stuffing, using a pencil or knitting needle to push it into the ears and tail.

Tuck the edges of fabric in around the opening and stitch it closed using the hidden stitch which will be barely noticeable when you've finished:

Start with a knot on the inside of the seam. Bring the needle out and across the opening, then in and along the inside of one edge. Now come back out, straight across the seam, and back in and along the inside on the other edge. Keep stitching along the opening, when you've closed it up, tie a knot close to the seam.

Tada! All done. These little pillow toys will bring a smile to anyone's face. I want to stitch up one of each woodland animal now! You can also use the smaller file sizes to make little pillow ornaments!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and that you'll try it out and make some of your own!
You can find all of my Woodland Animal printables as well as Farm Animals, Mythical Creatures, Sea Creatures and lots more (all of which will work great for this project!) at
xo Aimee

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