Monday, January 20, 2020

learn hand embroidery

It's so easy to learn hand embroidery, and even easier with these unique and colorful stitch samplers from little dear! These are some of my favorite designs to stitch. They are a fun way to learn or practice stitches, and they make a great reference guide when you're done!


My original sampler is great for beginners, it will teach you 14 basic embroidery stitches which you can use for all kinds of patterns and projects. 


It is designed to stitch with any rainbow of floss colors you might have, but here are some color palette suggestions if you need a place to start:
On the left is a more muted palette (and the one I used) DMC 3726, 3727, 794, 3813, 470, 3348, 834, 977, 352. 
The brighter palette on the right is DMC 327, 209, 340, 598, 907, 3819, 744, 741, 961.

If you've never embroidered before, I suggest starting here! You'll love working through the labeled stitches and then using your favorites to complete the flowers in the center.

hand embroidery samplers

My new Bouquet Sampler is a little more advanced, including a few stitches from the original sampler used in new ways, plus a bunch of fancy, super pretty and perhaps just a little bit trickier stitches to learn when you're ready to move ahead!

You can also use any colors you like for this one, match the printed colors or make up your own. I've used DMC 501, 503, 504, 352, 351, 316, 3727, 3855, 3825

If you need a little extra guidance, I've got lots of embroidery stitch tutorials at my website:

You can find both stitch samplers (and lots more patterns, samplers and kits) at my etsy shop:

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